Respecting Cultural Heritage with Cedric Varcoe

Cedric Varcoe original Southern Fleurieu including Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay region

Cedric Varcoe original artwork at Old Coach Road Estate luxury accommodation, Victor Harbor region.

Old Coach Road Estate respects the indigenous heritage of the Fleurieu Peninsula and reflects this with a gorgeous Cedric Varcoe original. Our guests now enjoy this beautiful art work which hangs above the dining table and reflects the southerly view. Can you find the Hindmarsh River? Granite Island? Inman Valley? The Bluff? And the dreamtime story of the creation of the region is interwoven too.

Cedric states: “In the dreamtime, Ngurunderi is the shaper of land, laws and creatures. He travel through time and space, along river and hill, across lakes and seas. His mind and spirit took human shape and he travelled as a man. Ngurunderi made his way along the coast sand hills to Victor Harbor. As he got there, up on the hill, Ngurunderi made all the islands by throwing spears into the sea. Granite Island he cross over to make camp. From boulders to rest he heard loud laughing and he knew it was his wives. Ngurunderi threw his club to the ground and it became the Bluff. Then made his way towards Kangaroo Island.”

This is an incredible piece of artwork and our guests just love it!!

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